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Funky male dancer

Laura Boundy

During her nine years with us Laura won numerous medals, trophies and certificates and even a scholarship nomination. Laura has a love for dance and her training, along with her determination to succeed, means she is now enjoying a successful professional career dancing around the world.

Here is a history of Laura’s travels so far:

April to November 2006 – Dancer/Entertainer at 4* hotel in Cyprus.
December 2006 – Worked as an extra for a current TV series.
Nov/Dec 2006 – Dancer at corporate/promotional events, feather and show dancing, meet and greets and podium dancing for Funkifeathers in UK.
March 2007 to July 2007 – Dancer/entertainer for Warner Breaks in UK.
July 2007 – Dancer for Presumed Innocent Show touring in the Algarve, Portugal.
August 2007 – Meet and greet in Casinos in UK for The Vegas Show Girls.
Sept/Oct 2007 – Dancer in prestigious club in Porto, Portugal for Les Belles Duval.
November 2007 – Worked as an extra for current TV series.
Nov/Dec 2007 – Meet and greet at various venues in UK for Vegas Show Girls.
Dec 2007 – New Years Eve – Dancer in Delhi, India for Les Belles Duval.

Currently Laura is working as part of a professional dance group working in Cabaret, on Cruises and in Theatre. For more details visit Impact Dance Group

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