Small steps, big dreams: sparking joy and confidence through the art of dance.

Our Lessons

We take great pride in offering a diverse range of dance styles at Chelis, ensuring that there's something for everyone to explore and enjoy. From the grace of Ballet and the rhythmic beats of Tap to the dynamic movements of Gymnastics and the expressive flair of Contemporary, our curriculum encompasses a rich tapestry of dance disciplines. All of our Saturday lessons are £2.50 each and are all half hour slots. 

If you have any questions regarding lessons don't hesitate to contact us. 

Meet the Team!

Holly Martin


As the proud principal and a second-generation owner of this vibrant dance institution, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all aspiring dancers and enthusiasts. My journey with dance commenced at the tender age of two, evolving into a lifelong passion that has now spanned over eight years of dedicated teaching. Having personally experienced the transformative power of dance, I am driven by a profound love for fostering creativity and self-expression through movement. Our dance school is not just a place of learning; it's a community where individuals are encouraged to unleash their potential, guided by the rhythm of their own unique journey.

Tayla Doyle

Senior Teacher

Tayla has left an indelible mark on the dance community through her extensive training and rich experience. Her journey began at renowned institutions such as Hi-Bris and Apex, where she honed her skills and passion for dance. Notably, Tayla spent her formative years at the prestigious Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) during years 10 and 11, further refining her technique and artistic expression. Over the years, she has graced many stages with her exceptional talent, earning a reputation for her captivating performances. Currently, Tayla shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise as she imparts her passion for dance at Dancebox, continuing to inspire and shape the next generation of dancers with her unparalleled skill and dedication to the art form.

Penny Burke

Senior Teacher

Penny, a seasoned ballet instructor, embarked on her captivating dance journey at the tender age of 2, blossoming into a formidable artist. Her dedication and talent propelled her to advanced levels in IDTA exams, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the art form. Immersed in the world of ballet, Penny graced the Birmingham Royal Ballet summer school two consecutive years, refining her skills under the tutelage of renowned mentors. Eager to deepen her understanding, she pursued a degree in performing arts at DeMontford University, solidifying her expertise in the realm of dance. Transitioning seamlessly into the role of an educator, Penny has been sharing her passion for ballet since 2007, leaving an indelible mark on her students. In 2013, she further solidified her credentials by successfully completing her teachers exam, showcasing her dedication to both her craft and the next generation of dancers.

Rebekah Parsons

Student Teacher

Rebekah, a devoted and talented student teacher, has been an integral part of our dance community since her early years. Having immersed herself in the world of dance from a young age, Rebekah's journey as a dancer with us has been nothing short of inspiring. Beyond her own achievements on the dance floor, she has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a teacher, demonstrating exceptional dedication and skill. Rebekah's commitment shines through in her ability to lead group lessons with enthusiasm and finesse, creating an inclusive and nurturing environment for her students. Her expertise extends to private tuition, where she imparts personalized guidance with a keen eye for detail. Rebekah's journey from a passionate young dancer within our community to a skilled and compassionate teacher is a testament to her unwavering love for the art form and her commitment to sharing that passion with others.

Georgette Beard

Student Teacher

Georgette, a dedicated student teacher, brings a wealth of dance experience to her role within our community. Having been a part of our dance family for years, Georgette has seamlessly transitioned into teaching both group lessons and private tuitions. Her classes reflect not only her technical proficiency but also her infectious passion for the art of dance. Georgette's exceptional journey in dance is highlighted by her notable experience working with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, a testament to her skill and commitment to the craft. This invaluable exposure to professional dance has enriched her teaching, allowing her to share insights from the highest echelons of the dance world with her students. Under Georgette's guidance, dancers not only refine their technique but also gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and dedication that defines the world of dance.

Evie Rose

Student Teacher

Over the past few years, Evie has been a dedicated force in our studio, collaborating and learning alongside our esteemed senior teachers. Beyond the classroom, she extends her expertise to private tuition lessons, specializing in preparing dancers for competitions. This unique blend of experience, both in the group setting and through personalized instruction, speaks volumes about Evie's commitment to nurturing talent at every level. 

Gracie Roath

Student Teacher

 With a passion for dance that extends beyond the studio, Gracie has been honing her teaching skills for the past few years, working alongside our seasoned senior instructors. Currently pursuing her dance education at Stratford Upon Avon College, Gracie seamlessly blends the art of learning and teaching. Her enthusiasm, combined with a wealth of practical experience, creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students. 

Our Subjects

Here is some further information on the subjects that we have to offer at Chelis. 


In a dance school, ballet serves as a foundational and essential component of dance education. Students studying ballet engage in a disciplined and structured training that focuses on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and precision of movement. Emphasizing proper body alignment and posture, ballet classes often follow a traditional syllabus, introducing students to fundamental positions, steps, and choreographic sequences. Ballet not only cultivates physical skills but also enhances artistic expression and storytelling through movement. It lays the groundwork for various dance styles, providing a solid technical foundation that contributes to overall dance proficiency. In a dance school setting, ballet classes offer students the opportunity to master classical techniques while fostering creativity, discipline, and a deep appreciation for the art form.


Tap dance in a dance school is an energetic and rhythmic form of dance that focuses on creating percussive sounds through the use of special shoes equipped with metal taps on the heels and toes. In tap classes, students learn to articulate intricate rhythms by striking the floor with their feet, producing a melodic and expressive sound. The curriculum typically covers various tap steps, combinations, and routines, fostering a combination of musicality, coordination, and precision. Tap dance encourages a strong sense of rhythm, timing, and creativity, making it a dynamic and enjoyable style for students of all ages. As part of a dance school's program, tap classes contribute to a well-rounded dance education, providing students with a unique and rhythmic outlet for self-expression.


Gymnastics or acrobatics in a dance school introduces students to a dynamic and physically challenging form of movement that combines strength, flexibility, and agility. These classes often focus on developing fundamental tumbling skills, balancing techniques, and dynamic acrobatic movements. Students learn to execute flips, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and other acrobatic elements that enhance their overall physical coordination and control. In the context of a dance school, gymnastics/acrobatics training complements dance routines by incorporating impressive floorwork and aerial elements. These classes contribute to a dancer's versatility, providing a foundation for executing athletic movements with grace and precision within choreography. The integration of gymnastics/acrobatics enriches the diversity of skills within a dance school's curriculum, fostering well-rounded and adaptable dancers.


Commercial and freestyle dance encompass energetic and contemporary styles that draw inspiration from various urban dance forms, pop culture, and music trends. In these classes, students explore the fusion of street dance, hip-hop, and other modern styles, emphasizing self-expression, creativity, and individuality. Commercial dance often incorporates elements seen in music videos, commercials, and live performances, while freestyle encourages dancers to improvise and develop their unique movement vocabulary. These classes are characterized by a dynamic and diverse range of movements, allowing students to explore their personal style and connect with current dance trends. As part of a dance school's offerings, commercial and freestyle classes provide a platform for dancers to express themselves in a contemporary and culturally relevant context.


Contemporary and lyrical dance represent expressive and emotive styles that blend elements of modern dance with personal interpretation. These classes often focus on fluidity, grace, and the seamless integration of movement and emotion. In contemporary dance, students explore a range of techniques that encourage self-expression and creativity, emphasizing both the organic and abstract aspects of movement. Lyrical dance, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on conveying emotions through movement, often set to music with powerful lyrics.

In a dance school setting, contemporary and lyrical classes provide a platform for students to explore their artistic voices, telling stories through their bodies. These styles often incorporate elements of ballet and modern dance while allowing for a more individualized and freeform approach to choreography. Students develop strength, flexibility, and a heightened awareness of their bodies as they immerse themselves in these evocative and introspective dance forms.

Modern Jazz

Modern jazz dance combines elements of traditional jazz with contemporary movement, creating a dynamic and expressive dance style. In modern jazz classes, students explore a diverse range of movements that often include isolations, contractions, and syncopated rhythms. This style emphasizes both technical precision and individual expression, allowing dancers to infuse their personality into the choreography.

In a dance school setting, modern jazz classes provide a versatile and energetic outlet for students to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. The style often incorporates influences from popular music and culture, making it a vibrant and evolving form of dance. Modern jazz is known for its versatility, allowing students to explore various dynamics, musical interpretations, and performance styles. It is a valuable addition to a comprehensive dance education, fostering creativity and a strong foundation in rhythmic and stylized movement.

Body Conditioning

Body conditioning refers to specialized classes designed to enhance a dancer's physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall fitness. These sessions focus on exercises and techniques that target muscle groups relevant to dance, with an emphasis on improving posture, alignment, and body awareness. Body conditioning aims to prevent injuries, promote core strength, and enhance a dancer's ability to execute movements with precision.

In a dance school setting, body conditioning classes may incorporate elements of Pilates, yoga, strength training, and targeted stretching exercises. The goal is to build a strong and resilient physique, enabling dancers to meet the physical demands of various dance styles while minimizing the risk of injuries. These classes contribute to the holistic development of dancers, providing them with the physical foundation necessary for achieving technical excellence in their dance practice.


Tumbling introduces students to the exciting world of acrobatic floorwork, featuring a variety of flips, rolls, and dynamic movements. Our dedicated tumbling classes at Chelis are equipped with safety in mind, offering a specialized space with mats, air tracks, and a spacious tumble track. Students learn fundamental tumbling skills, progressing from basic rolls and cartwheels to more advanced techniques like back handsprings and aerials.

Our tumbling curriculum is designed to enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination, providing a structured environment for students to safely develop and refine their acrobatic skills. The inclusion of mats, air tracks, and the tumble track ensures a supportive and controlled setting, allowing students to confidently explore the thrilling elements of tumbling while focusing on proper technique and skill progression. 

What experiences we offer

As well as the Saturday lessons, we also offer other experiences to our dancers. This includes competing in festivals across the West Midlands, and performing at many different venues such as The Hippodrome, The Royal Albert Hall, Alton Towers, Disneyland Paris, and more!


Once your child has settled into their lessons on a Saturday, they may want to push themselves even further by taking part in competition work. On Mondays and Tuesdays we run private tuition for dancers to do solos, duets, trios, and troupes which will later be entered into festivals across the West Midlands. 

Special Performances

Every so often our children will be offered the opportunity to dance in special performances in all sorts of fantastic venues. They will dance in a team to represent Chelis and, more importantly, make memories that will last a lifetime. 

We have had the opportunity to perform at many different theatres like the Hippodrome and the Royal Albert Hall, as well as travelling all the way to Paris to dance on the main stage at Disneyland!

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